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Climatic Engineering Ltd are able to offer a full range of mechanical, electrical and building maintenance services.

'Our main objective is to create the most suitable climate for you'

The working environment is most important if your business is to survive and grow into the next millennium. We are able to offer services which ensure that the environment is optimised to your needs.

We have also recognised that clients nowadays prefer dealing with one company that is able to offer a multi-discipline approach to their needs, thus removing sources of conflict between different trades. Specialising in Air Conditioning, refrigeration, heating, ventilating, electrical engineering and building fabric work, we believe we are able to offer a 'one-stop' service. Climatic Engineering Ltd operate a nationwide service which incorporates a property maintenance department covering many high street stores, local authorities and Health authorities.


The environment in which we live affects everything we do. The need for adequate Maintenance and Management will continue to gain in importance as we move into the twenty-first century.

Climatic Engineering Limited have recognised that need and have formulated a strategy which offers practical, effective solutions to problems associated with environmental pollution as they relate to the air we all breathe. The internal environment affects people directly. Poor air quality leads to poor performance but the solutions, provided they are expertly applied, will immediately benefit the internal environment and lead to improvement in working levels. Such solutions will also be tailored to ensure that the impact on the external environment is reduced. Climatic Engineering Limited believe that 'Fresh air is a human right' and are able to offer a comprehensive range of services from basic condition monitoring of the air's condition right through to a full energy audit. From these results it is then possible for Climatic Engineering to provide quotations for the improvement of a client's internal environment. Fresh air does not stop within the office or factory. There is a legacy of equipment and systems which do continue to pollute the environment. A dust extraction system can exhaust tons of dust a year, all of which enters the atmosphere. A leaking refrigeration system will gradually discharge its CFCs to the atmosphere and eventually to the Ozone layer. A welding fume extraction system discharges a chemical mix of fumes, all of which settle into the environment. Climatic Engineering Limited has the expertise to solve many of these problems. For example, older refrigerants containing high Chlorine content gas are proposed to be banned from EU states by the end of the year 2000 whilst the lower Chlorine content gas refrigerant will only be available as a recycled gas from the end of the first decade. Solutions are available through the use of alternate refrigerants such as R134a, R407C and R410A, and Climatic Engineering Limited are expert in applying such solutions. The changing of a refrigerant is only part of the solution. Climatic Engineering Limited are very aware of the need to minimise energy use particularly when conditioning an environment and it is here that our expertise again offers solutions.

The energy audit will identify areas where warm polluted air, with investment in filtration, that would normally have been discharged to atmosphere can be mixed with the correct amount of fresh air then recycled to the building. The use of modern control technology will ensure that when free atmospheric cooling or heating is available, it is used! If we may paraphrase a well-known scientific maxim: 'Energy is neither created nor destroyed, but it must be used wisely.' Climatic Engineering Limited has the ability to provide solutions to many problems associated with energy use, be they related to air pollution, a temperature pollution, a light pollution or a dust pollution. The environment is a life and death matter.